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Organizational agility

Our organizational agility allows Vibrotech to adapt permanently in an environment characterized by complexity, turbulence and uncertainty. We are able to react quickly to change and "master" it with important adaptive, innovative and learning abilities.


Passion is what drives us to surpass ourselves and meet new challenges. We are motivated by the passion to succeed. Guided by excellence, the highest standards and uncompromising commitment to efficiency and quality, we aim to systematically exceed customer expectations. We are passionate about the excellence of our products and services because we believe that Vibrotech exists by and for the people we serve. Our passion is contagious and inspires others.

The commitment

We are committed to excellence in everything we do and in our relationships with customers, partners, suppliers and employees. We must also exercise judgment, professionalism, rigor, personal discipline, perseverance and team spirit.

The respect

Closely tied to the success of Vibrotech, respect is at the heart of the company's philosophy. Being and feeling respected allows every individual to cultivate within the company a sense of belonging and pride. It is a living culture that is translated into concrete actions, starting with the attitude of managers, and that is seen through negotiations with employees, information meetings and the constant search for a working pleasant atmosphere.


Integrity is a predominant value of Vibrotech. We act with exemplary honesty towards our customers, partners, suppliers and employees in order to maintain their trust at the highest level.

The professionalism

In our activities, we act with the utmost professionalism while demonstrating competence and exemplary behavior.


The openness of our employees and their ability to modify their working methods allow Vibrotech to face multiple ambiguities. The flexibility of our corporate structure also gives it the adaptability required to take advantage of this synergy.

The initiative

The initiative is a key value that constantly pushes the boundaries of Vibrotech. Proactive and enterprising in their management, our employees propose and organize new ways of doing things, then commit themselves when the situation suits them. They are frequently in the best position to recognize needs and to imagine intuitive solutions.


Every day we comply with strict safety standards to ensure the health and safety of our employees, customers and people in the communities in which we operate.


Believing in the equality of individuals, Vibrotech advocates negotiation rather than taxation. It is illustrated by the transparency of the managers who openly discuss, in the presence of their various colleagues, the conduct of business. They demonstrate their trust in the ethics of confidentiality and the professionalism of each employee.