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Vibrotech offers a personalized after-sales service whose main mission is to ensure the complete satisfaction of all its customers. As for our customer service, the after-sales service offices are located at our factory in Plessisville. This proximity gives us total visibility over the entire production network, and ensures you a fast and proactive service.

For all the projects realized since its inception, Vibrotech keeps in archive the files of each of its customer projects. Thus, shop drawings and design drawings are archived for your future needs in spare parts or various components.

You have just broken equipment? We can manufacture spare parts in "accelerated mode" according to your needs. Do you want to integrate a new piece for a higher efficiency? Our know-how and expertise are at your disposal. Regardless of the situation encountered, a Vibrotech technician can be mobilized at your request to help you repair your equipment quickly.

Rest assured that we give all necessary importance to offer you after-sales service as soon as possible and to your satisfaction. When you live the Vibrotech experience, you will see that everything is planned down to the last detail and that we leave nothing to chance.

By choosing Vibrotech, you will have peace of mind, because we are known for the excellence of our after-sales service.