Heavy-duty apron conveyors for various application or uses.

Apron conveyors are entirely designed and fabricated by Vibrotech. Various components are selected meticulously to ensure optimal operation in different applications. Our apron conveyors are known for their durability and low maintenance. They are used in multiple applications such as: feeding conveyors for construction, renovation and demolition recycling (CRD materials), scrap metal industries, cement industry, etc.

Different types of steel chains (piano hinge, bedded pan, Z pan, etc.) provide stiffness and tightness, preventing distortion and material spillage with time. The steel pans are available in different thicknesses, based on the application.

The double or triple drive, wheels and links will be dimensioned to ensure a high level of security and sustained operation without any special maintenance. The parts are laser-cut for maximum precision and perfect assembly. The machining of shafts and wheels is performed by our experienced machinists to meet our high quality standards. Our different apron conveyors are available in various configurations: horizontal, inclined section, S shape, etc. The required motorization will be selected specifically for your application (in the required tonnage and density of the material to be processed).

Various optional components can be added to your apron conveyors, including a heavy-duty loading hopper, automatic oiler for chains, motor with automatic brake to prevent the chain from stopping, etc. ach conveyor is customized for your application.

Our apron conveyors are equipped with safety guards for moving parts and meet CNESST security standards.