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Ingenuity in motion

The engineering of Vibrotech establishes the foundations on whom relaying the success of our company. The know-how of our team of engineering is an integral part effective and successful solutions which we offer to our customers. In all the projects, our team of engineering collaborates with our departments of design, supply and production to reach better results and optimize your return on the investment.

When you confide us your project, you are assured that our team of engineering will put itself in movement and will leave nothing at random. Thanks to our expertise, our determination and our imagination, we are able of generating unique and optimal solutions to fill your needs and by the fact, create some value to your company.

Meet our expert minds

Vibrotech’s engineering team is at the heart of our company’s success. Our team’s know-how plays an integral part in developing the effective solutions that we offer to our customers. In all of our projects, design, supply and production departments work relentlessly to reach better results and optimize your return on the investment.

To address our clients’ needs in the most efficient way possible, Vibrotech has its own industrial design department. It uses the most sophisticated and advanced design tools, including Inventor and AutoCAD, to develop 2D and 3D designs of your projects. This helps to ensure we’re always on spec for the equipment that you need.

Thanks to our expertise, determination and imagination, we are able to create unique and optimal solutions to fulfill your needs and create value for your company. With our agility, we can adapt to any specific project contexts with unprecedented agility and respect for timelines.

Have a project?

Whatever your project, our sales team and dealers (for portable screeners) will be happy to assist you in your efforts. They are supported by experienced industrial mechanical design estimators that make every effort to present fair and competitive quotes to the customers.

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