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Suspended cross belt self-cleaning magnets are placed above belts or vibrating conveyors to extract iron metals in bulk material. They are used for steel recovery, separating iron metals from non-magnetic materials. The suspended magnets protect production material, eliminating scrap metal that cause expensive repairs and downtimes (crusher, etc.)

The principle of the magnetic separator belt with a permanent magnet (light applications) consists of a belt that circulates continuously around the magnet to unload iron metals. The recovered metal parts are removed automatically for the magnetic zone. These powerful separators are equipped with a sturdy belt with 1 in. vulcanized rubber cleats that continuously remove the metal material transported by the conveyor.

A reinforced version of the suspended magnet (electro-magnet) is designed for major uses, such as concrete recycling, skids, and debris from construction and demolition. The belt is armed with stainless steel bands, which are more durable for applications having sharp steel or frequent shocks of a high number of iron metals. A full-width metallic envelope is offered as an option for the cross band.

Vibrotech can also supply magnetic pulleys (permanent magnets) to be used as head pulleys on belt conveyors. Self-cleaning magnets eliminate scrap iron and purify the bulk material transported by the conveyors. When the material transported on the belt enters the magnetic field surrounding the magnetic pulley, the iron metals present in the material are attracted to the belt. They are held magnetically against the belt to below the pulley where the belt away from the magnetic field to discharge. The material falling from the belt follows a normal path. The separation is automatic and continuous. In many situations, it is possible to replace an existing head pulley by a magnetic pulley of an identical size. The magnetic pulleys are offered in a wide range of diameters, widths and shaft dimensions.

Our cross belt self-cleaning magnets are equipped with protective guards for moving parts and meet CNESST security standards.

Let Vibrotech help you to optimize your separation processes and recovery efforts.