STM-S (simple deck) and STM-D (double deck) high-capacity vibratory screens use dual mass technologies near the natural frequencies of the system, which results greatly reduce the required drive power. The power reduction can reach close to 75% less of a conventional vibratory system, thereby reducing energy consumption and operating costs. The use of two unbalanced motors eliminates the use of a drive belt, eccentric shaft and bearings—all while reducing maintenance frequency.

STM-S (simple deck) and STM-D (double deck) high-capacity vibratory screens are available in various dimensions, with widths ranging between 5’-0” and 12’-0” and lengths ranging between 12’-0” to 28’-0”. The high-capacity vibratory screens can handle capacities ranging from 580 TMPH to 1800 TMPH. In all cases, the STM-S and STM-D can be sized exactly to your needs and processing ability.

Our STM high-capacity vibratory screen are equipped with protective guards for moving parts and meet CNESST security standards.

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